Twenty Is Plenty

Happy 20th birthday, us! Fellowshipwreck have been around since 1997. What better random day to celebrate than the 7th day of the 7th month of 2017? A long, yellow thanks to all the visitors, supporters, and artists who have made this label possible. The bus may have slowed down in recent years, but there’s still some gas in the tank. Keep your eyes on the road.




Way-Out West

Hyperbubble are back from Nashville and they’ve rounded up a herd of electronic country cover songs for your listening pleasure. Whether you pogo or two step, you’ll surely want to shake it when you hear the space-age yet down-home ditties. We are pleased to present their new album, Western Ware, available starting February 26. That’s just in time for Johnny Cash’s birthday.



The Big Bubble Theory

Buckle into the captain’s chair and prepare for takeoff. Hyperbubble have created a stellar score for the film Dee Dee Rocks the Galaxy. This is the first single, Queen of the Universe. It’s bouncier than a walk on the moon and faster than the speed of love. The super-mega-bonus remix by Synthetik FM will dépêche you to the planet Mode and back, and then some.



The Hallow Men

Spectres, wraiths, and phantoms knew well enough to be in attendance when Nite Risk brought musical fright to Ascension coffee house and wine bar on October 31st, 2014. Now you too can partake via a recording of those Halloween proceedings. Josh and Gavin steer the ghost ship while special guest Shane from Pioneers of the New Idea clangs the ship’s bell with his dazzling array of hand-made modular synthesizers.

(photograph by Consuelo Gutierrez)

Nite Risk in the Den03/31/15

Time … Enough

After centuries of toil, Nite Risk have seen fit to allow the launch of their maiden release, Time. It’s a fantastic collection of dark, danceable delicacies. These 6 songs will haunt, taunt, and inspire your troubled soul. These 6 songs will intoxicate and emancipate your pained mind. These 6 songs will wrack and contort your dancing body. Dig in while you still have time.

(photograph by Victoria Estrada-Berg DeCuir)


New Heights

Hyperbubble have scored make-believe soundtracks before, but their new soundtrack is very real and frighteningly good. Sky Smasher is the first single from Attack of the Titans. It provides the key theme by which overgrown, rampaging kids shoot lasers and breathe fire. Brace yourselves for the onslaught of the loftiest music Hyperbubble have ever made.



Recurring Candy Apple Nightmares

Nine out of ten electronic music experts say that if you have the same nightmare more than once, it’s actually a dream. The remaining electronic music expert says to use a synthesizer as a pillow. Fellowshipwreck say that Hyperbubble’s Candy Apple Nightmares has been reformulated to provide listeners with the most deliciously-wicked listening experience scientifically possible.

(photograph by Joe Wallace)

Aidan Casserly Vs. Hyperbubble01/01/13

It’s a Fistery

Why are Aidan Casserly and Hyperbubble having a friendly musical exchange in the arena of electropop? Who put the in fist the mirror? Well, we can tell you is wasn’t Fellowshipwreck. We need our mirrors to safely drive the bus. The new single Fist in the Mirror by Aidan Casserly Vs. Hyperbubble is a puzzle worth investigating.



Star Power

Space exploration takes time and synthesizers. Over the last seven years, Moonrox have been busy surveying the nether regions of the universe. They have experienced much that cannot be described by words, pictures, or analog instrumentation. They have also attended a space fete or two. To aid in your understanding of these findings, Moonrox present their latest single, Stars.



March Clouds March

What do clouds do in March? No. Of course they don’t march. They run time laps in time lapse. San Antonio director Hondo Aguilar directed this short for a recent video festival. It features music by Moonrox, who especially enjoy the video since it shows a side of Earth’s atmosphere they rarely get to see.



Tricks and Treats

Have Hyperbubble allowed their impossibly sweet songs to fall into evil hands? Yes, and it’s a spooky remixed delight! Candy Apple Nightmares is a twisted take on their Candy Apple Daydreams release from earlier this year. It’s the perfect companion piece, the yang to the yin, the black to the white, the Darth Va … you get the idea.

(photograph by Joe Wallace)

Mission Giant10/17/10

Island Delights

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the airwaves … a new single and a new album from Mission Giant! The Same Genre of Time Frame single and an outtakes collection called Zanzibar are sure to cause much consternation, fear, and excitement. Repeated listens may cause hallucinations of oases.

(photograph by Rachel Cox)


Goop Redux

Goop is back via Turntabling Records, but they never really went away, did they? Goop is and has always been the original new-wave-of-the-new-wave-of-the-new-wave band. Even the crustiest cave paintings depict early humans with funny haircuts and primitive synthesizers playing twitchy music in tar pits.



Max Planckroom

Fellowshipwreck was recently included in a 2009 netlabel research report conducted by Max Planck Institute Researcher Patryk Galuszka and featured at the Phlow Magazine website. Were he around today, Herr Planck himself would most likely dig the synthetic electronic sound particles Fellowshipwreck so freely distributes.




What’s under the tree this year? A present from three wise men? Sort of. It’s the ultimate pop trio Bee Gees paid tribute by the ultimate pop duo Hyperbubble! Jeff and Jess Hyperbubble, with a little help from chanteur Gracie DuVin, give you Christmas with The Bee Gees. Three mixes in all, at least one is right for you. Like every good gift, it’s free.

Mission Giant03/03/08

The Biggest Campfire

Mission Giant finally rubbed two synthesizers together long enough to start a raging, out-of-control fire of an album. Their latest, Golden Triangle, is sure to warm the rubber-insulated cockles of your artificial heart. It’s also the first mass-produced CD on Fellowshipwreck. We proudly present it here.



Dubble Fun

With Airbrushed Alibis in DUB, Hyperbubble continue their tradition of alternate album versions of proper releases. Kick back in your comfy chair or get up and shimmy if you like. Either way, the electro-dub vibes will both thrill and chill. MP3s are available here for a limited time before they go up for sale on iTunes.




We didn’t see that coming! Ten years, fourteen artists, and fifty releases later, Fellowshipwreck Music is proud to present Wreckollection, a retrospective of the sonic egg breaking and, at times, perfect cake making of our bands. Download the free compilation CD from the MP3 page.


Clock of Months10/07/06

Secret Productivity

“It’s already fall and there is no new music in my life!”, you may shout. The problem isn’t with you, and it’s not even with us. Behind the clock face of nothingness are many gears clicking and ticking. For one, Mission Giant is putting the final touches on their upcoming CD. To stop fingers from nervously tapping on the desk, try your hand at the Mission Giant video game (Shockwave Player required) which contains sneak peek sound samples.


Mission Giant04/01/06

Holiday Gone Haywire

This is no April Fool’s Day joke. Mission Giant spent last Halloween scaring trick-or-treaters with an eerie brew of Samhain sounds and Allhallows Eve audio mixed with just a pinch of pulverized bat bones. In case you were afraid to come up and ask for candy, you can now listen to the proceedings from the safety of your own computer.

(photograph by Bill Burch)


Dark Side of the Moonrox

Apparently, the sweetest band in the universe has a score to settle. They’ve donned their flight leathers and have entered super-spy-stealth mode. But who are the good guys and who are the bad? We’re not really sure what Moonrox is up to, but initial reports have confirmed it to be funky.



Bubble Machine on Full Blast

San Antonio popmakers Hypberbubble continue their recent wave of wonderful releases with their latest offering, Sol!d Pop: The Rem!x Ed!t!on. All of the songs you sing and dance to in your sleep are here, but in different forms. These remixes will remind you of some of the best in the business; Depeche Mode, Eon, Joy Electric. Quite certain to get the party started.


Gracie DuVin01/11/05

Gracie DuVin Is Your Man

Lover of many a fine AM radio song and of many a lady, Gracie DuVin has released a very special collection of songs now available at Fellowshipwreck Music. His new CD, Imposters, celebrates the good ol’ days of 1970’s lite rock, but it is nowhere near old-fashioned. Music by Hyperbubble gives your old favorites a synth-heavy spin, and Gracie’s varistyled vocals are sure to keep you guessing. Real or Imposters?


Mission Giant Logo12/27/04

Putting Things into Perspective

Mission Giant, never quiet for too long, has released another round of Background Music. MGBGM was created for use as noise snippets between songs during live shows. MGBGM2 shares this possible use, but has taken on a life of its own. For a limited time both MGBGM one and two are available for download on the MP3 page.


Mission Giant12/21/04

Mission Giant Make Waves

In 2004 Mission Giant performed live on two Texas radio shows, the KVRX 91.7 FM Local Live show in Austin, and KNON 89.3 FM Rocket Radio which was broadcast to the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. The 2-disc set Live and on the Air documents these two performances. Select tracks are available as free MP3s at the official Mission Giant Web site.



Worlds Music

In a celebration of what they call “world music”, extraterrestrials Moonrox have crafted songs that draw inspiration from the rhythms and styles of planet Earth. Their latest release, Two Worlds, is the product of years of careful study of musicians indigenous to Earth, but you can be certain that Moonrox adds their own flavor to the proceedings.


Mission Giant11/19/04

Potentially Yours

Mission Giant’s classic, Potential for Future Dynamics, has been painstakingly transcribed note-per-note into beautifully cheesy MIDI. Four versions in all are contained on the new maxi-single entitled MGMIDI. An MP3 of the first track is available as a hidden “Easter Egg” at the official Mission Giant Web site. Find it if you can.


Mission Giant08/18/04

Pez Facts

Mission Giant unveils its latest Fellowshipwreck release, Pez Fax. The EP consists of 6 new Mission Giant tracks, each one remixed by a currently active member. Although each member worked in isolation on his given track, the resulting whole is quite cohesive. Sort of like The Beatles’ White Album, except that it holds together. Oh yeah, and the cover is black. Available in its entirety for free download at the official Mission Giant Web site.



New Moon Tunes

After careful observation of human viewing and listening habits, Moonrox has composed 20 short pieces designed for optimum planetarium enjoyment. Of all the musical groups in existence, Moonrox best understand how to synthesize astronomy with audiology. Although specifically designed for viewing the cosmos, Music for Planetariums can serve as a soundtrack for almost any experience.


The Solar Panel05/21/04

Funky Business

The Solar Panel has finally gathered all the juice needed to launch their debut CD. “The Business of Funk” is now available for rattling even the tightest of trunks. The panel’s highly unusual pairing of electronic bleeps with butt-pleasing funk is sure to turn automatons around the world into stylish groove machines. Simply ghetto-fabulous.

(photograph by Victoria Estrada-Berg DeCuir)

Life Partner04/07/04

Howdy Partners

Life partner and Crevice have now been posted on the MP3 page. Noisecrafters Life Partner bring you a special blend of loops, glitches, and homespun tones generated by the likes of Mr. Tone Generator, Mr. Drum, and other circuit-bent creations. The ultra-long version of Think of Pleasant Things by South Texas ambient group Crevice provides a nightmarish soundtrack to your most beautiful dreams.



Moonrox MP3s and More

The entire Moonrox catalog to date is now freely available on the MP3 page for transmission on the information superhighway which, as most of you know, is no longer just global, but galaxy-wide. The “Synthetic Reasons” CD by San Antonio new wavers Goop is also available on aforementioned page. Check out the original version of Life. More to come.


The International Music Rehabilitation Network03/05/04

IMRN: New and Approved

The International Music Rehabilitation Network is now online. Musical procedures performed on tired tunes bring about rejuvenated versions of your favorite albums. Numerous bands including Fellowshipwreck associates Crevice, Mission Giant, The Solar Panel, and Moonrox, all take part in the operation. The network shares a common interest in technology, ability, and creativity.

  • The International Music Rehabilitation Network Web site


Mission Giant01/17/04

Mission Giant’s Call to Arms

After much intensive laboring on new studio material, Mission Giant are preparing for a slew of live performances in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The band is wielding an arsenal of synthesizers and it is rumored they have contructed a musical fortress from which they will perform. Ye olde show dates are available at their official Web site.

(photograph by Jessica DeCuir)

The Solar Panel01/02/04

Here Come the Suns

A sunny day in January has given The Solar Panel just the energy boost they needed to finish their long awaited debut. The panel also found time for some relaxation playing frisbee and lounging on the hammock in between putting finishing touches on their upcoming CD. The Business of Funk commences this spring on Fellowshipwreck Music.

(photograph by Victoria Estrada-Berg DeCuir)

The Solar Panel11/07/03

Meet the Solar Panel

The Solar Panel has just returned from a successful meeting at the DMA and is finishing work on their debut, ‘The Business of Funk’, scheduled for release this fall. Their exclusive blend of sampled toys, stingy beats, and drifting synths is sure to empower listeners’ rumps.

(photograph by Elliott Johnson)


Moonrox Welcome You to Space

Fellowshipwreck Music is pleased to announce the release of the new Moonrox EP, ‘Disco Magic’, and the entire Moonrox backcatalog. The band that pays earth a visit every holiday season now has the following titles available: Disco Magic, Numrox, Megamix, Triple Fun, Module, Holiday in space.




New Wave for the Goop Age

The newest wavers Goop have joined the Fellowshipwreck Music family. Their first album, ‘Synthetic Reasons’, has been years in the making. Fallout never sounded so good.