Hyperbubble: Western Ware (2017)

What’s more delicious than a heapin’ plate of biscuits and gravy and wilder than a buckin’ bronco? Electronic country music, that’s what. On Western Ware, Hyperbubble pay homage to their favorites by branding them with synthpop charm. From the looney lament of Boney Fingers to the rambunctious ride of Queen of the Roller Derby, you’re sure to enjoy the band’s twist on these twangy tunes.

  1. Y’all Come
  2. Jolene
  3. Boney Fingers
  4. Truck Driving Woman
  5. Luminaria
  6. Bar Wars
  7. Queen of the Roller Derby
  8. Rhinestone Cowboy
  9. Digital Cowboy
  10. The Rubber Room
  11. The Electric Horseman

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Hyperbubble: Queen of the UniverseF061

Hyperbubble: Queen of the Universe (2015)

Let Hyperbubble provide the soundtrack as you survey your infinite domain. You can be queen for a day, or at least for the 10 minutes of bliss this single delivers. Sit up straight in your space throne and you may even be able to see Dee Dee rock not just a galaxy or two, but the entire universe. The title track is graced by “b-sides” Kill Zone Kid and a Synthetik FM remix that’s smooth as nebulae.

  1. Queen of the Universe
  2. Kill Zone Kid
  3. Queen of the Universe (Synthetik FM Remix)

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Queen of the Universe [Zip]

Nite Risk: HalloweenF060

Nite Risk: Halloween (2015)

Nite Risk are joined on Halloween 2014 by special guest Shane Culp from Pioneers of the New Idea for an unusual ambient/musique-concrète outing. This sprawling live set, Halloween, captures all the unedited screams, whip cracks, modular-synth glorps, and Vangelis pads that made blood flow like wine and wine flow like blood that fateful evening.

  1. Halloween

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Halloween [Zip]

Nite Risk: TimeF059

Nite Risk: Time (2015)

Haughty, soaring baritones warn of impending doom. Piercing leads float atop a clattering drum machine and suffocating basslines as solid as onyx. There is hope. Follow the ray of light called Nite Risk. Come out of the cave, bask in your own power, and listen to the 6 songs contained on the Time EP. Produced by Jermy Elizabeth Johnson of George Quartz and Telethön.

  1. This Century
  2. Architects
  3. Ghost Girl
  4. Life Dreams
  5. Town and Country Homicide
  6. Revolving Door

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Time [Zip]

Hyperbubble - Sky SmasherF058

Hyperbubble: Sky Smasher (2014)

Giant children are tearing up the city and all you can do is listen! Hyperbubble’s Sky Smasher is a looming slab of electronic menace propelled by drifting arpeggios, lightning-fast theremin swipes, and Floydian delay effects. It has plenty of groove to get the job done, but the remix, Son of Sky Smasher, is equipped with enough rapid-fire power to take out an additional suburb or two.

  1. Sky Smasher
  2. Son of Sky Smasher

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Sky Smasher [Zip]

Aidan Casserly Vs. Hyperbubble - Fist in the MirrorF057

Aidan Casserly Vs. Hyperbubble: Fist in the Mirror (2013)

Aidan Casserly of Empire State Human and The Wazp fame teams up with Texas heroes Hyperbubble to create a single just for you and yours. Dramatic vocal stylings, churning electrodance bass grooves, and synth twinkles graced by industrial clanging and crashing define the punchy “Fist in the Mirror” and its reworked counterpart. Destined to be a hit (Ouch!).

  1. Fist in the Mirror
  2. Fist in the Mirror (Deconstructed Mix)

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Fist in the Mirror [Zip]

Hyperbubble - Candy Apple NightmaresF056

Moonrox: Stars (2012)

Are Moonrox going to another far out party? Affirmative! Where is it? It’s in the deepest recesses of outer space. Don’t worry, Moonrox are providing transportation. Just no open containers, please. Remember, there’s no gravity. Moonrox latest single, Stars, dances you up then hurls you into the big black. Dig?

  1. Stars
  2. A Salutation from the Stars

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Stars [Zip]

Hyperbubble - Candy Apple NightmaresF055

Hyperbubble: Candy Apple Nightmares (2010)

Deep, dark, and delicious. This is the way we at Fellowshipwreck enjoy our musical confections. Got a cavity from too many synth-lolli-soda-pops? Fill it with this baked black slab of a remix album by Hyperbubble. 13 unlucky and unhealthy dystopian dance grooves for your dystopian dance moves.

  1. Red Delicious Overture (Nightmare Mix by Hyperbubble)
  2. Candy Apple Daydreams (Nightmare Mix by Polarized Mind)
  3. Girl Boy Pop Toy (Nightmare Mix by Moonrox)
  4. Chop Shop Cop (Nightmare Mix by I European)
  5. Mind the Gap (Nightmare Mix by Moonrox)
  6. Pictures of Paradise (Nightmare Mix by Pouff)
  7. UFO Beach Party (Nightmare Mix by Moonrox)
  8. Hyperactive (Nightmare Mix by Stolearm)
  9. Moogzilla vs Korgatron (Nightmare Mix by Stolearm)
  10. Supermarket Casanova (Nightmare Mix by Stolearm featuring Rocky Controlo)
  11. Teddy Bear Crime Wave (Nightmare by Paisley Babylon)
  12. Top Ten Lullabyes (Nightmare Mix by Hyperbubble)
  13. Chop Shop Cop (Extended Nightmare Mix by Hyperbubble)

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Mission Giant - Same Genre of Time FrameF054

Mission Giant: Same Genre of Time Frame (2010)

Mission Giant’s new single “Same Genre of Time Frame” was created in the same genre of time frame as their magnum opus, Golden Triangle. The A-side chugs and changes as it whips up a head of steam like only this group can. The double B-side will leave you gasping for more. That’s right. MP3s have sides.

  1. Same Genre of Time Frame
  2. Negro Metallico
  3. Red Neon Molar

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Same Genre of Time Frame [Zip]

Mission Giant - ZanzibarF053

Mission Giant: Zanzibar (2010)

Flotsam and Jetsam from Mission Giant’s Golden Triangle recording sessions has ended up on the beaches of exotic Zanzibar. Among the wreckage are both gold doubloons and broken bottles alike. What’s the ghost of Freddie Mercury doing with that coconut?

  1. Native Sands
  2. Alley Ways
  3. Charlie Angel
  4. Muscle Tee
  5. I’ve Come Up with a New Name for Myself
  6. Sizzler
  7. Siezonal
  8. Chlorobotic
  9. This Robot Needs to Be Serviced
  10. Fauna
  11. Ready for a Rough Afternoon
  12. Pangs of Indifference
  13. 13 You’ve Been Selected
  14. Crowd Control
  15. Voicer
  16. PB and J
  17. Sticker Station Visa
  18. Silver City

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Zanzibar [Zip]

Hyperbubble - Christmas with The Bee GeesF052

Hyperbubble: Christmas with The Bee Gees (2008)

More hair than Santa Claus and better singing voices to boot, Bee Gees are always a well-groomed party. San Antonio’s electropop leaders Hyperbubble know how to party, too. On Christmas with The Bee Gees, Hyperbubble take the classic Bee Gees disco sound and stir in plenty of yule-tide seasonings for a dance song so festive, you’ll want to gift all three mixes to a friend.

  1. Christmas with The Bee Gees (Barry Gentlemen Mix)
  2. Christmas with The Bee Gees (Maurice Mistletoe Mix)
  3. Christmas with The Bee Gees (Robin Reindeer Mix)

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Christmas with The Bee Gees [Zip]

Hyperbubble - Airbrushed Alibis in DubF051

Hyperbubble: Airbrushed Alibis in DUB (2008)

Hyperbubble take your favorite songs from Aribrushed Alibis (that’s every song by the way) then heap on reverb, tape delay, booming bass, and other effects for an atypical Hyperbubble treat. A heavy heavy dub … Synthpoppers-poppers-poppers-poppers!

  1. Dayglo Rainbow Dub
  2. Anger Management Dub
  3. Helter Shelter Dub
  4. Agoraphobic Aerobic Dub
  5. Thrash-o-matic Plastic Dub
  6. Roller Derby Dub
  7. Deluxe Redux Dub
  8. Public Transit Panic Dub
  9. Super Sexy Surveillance Dub
  10. Purple Doppleganger Dub
  11. Airtight Moonlight Dub
  12. Hyper Diaper Dub
  13. Cyborg Suitcase Dub
  14. Hyperdubble Bonus Dub

Available at iTunes

Mission Giant - Golden TriangleFCD001

Mission Giant: Golden Triangle (2007)

Mission Giant’s Golden Triangle is a three-pointed camping trip through the North Texas metroplex that covers a lot of sonic ground. New Wave, Power Pop, Disco, Goth, and more are melted together like a huge s’more with gooey bits of strange instrumental passages to hold it all together. Exquisite packaging with die-cut slip case.

  1. I-35E S
  2. 02 Amphetamine Kiss
  3. Trunk Full of 12-Volts
  4. Gravity Town
  5. Deathbed
  6. Dark Love
  7. Hard Drive
  8. 08 Going for It
  9. I-30 W
  10. Metroplexed
  11. Overload
  12. Job Interview Montage (Snakehips)
  13. Off-Limits Subjects
  14. Nightworks
  15. Steel Hands, Gentle Heart
  16. Type A
  17. Northern Poles
  18. I-35W N

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Various Artists - Wreckcollection: Fellowshipwreck Music's 10th AnniversaryF050

Various Artists: Wreckcollection – Fellowshipwreck Music’s 10th Anniversary (2007)

What do you get when you fill a school bus full of band kids, various instruments, and a coach with really tight shorts? The answer is too ugly to describe, but that’s not what happened here. This is actually a compilation of 14 acts on the Fellowshipwreck Music label, and a celebration of 10 years of experimental music making. Bon voyage.

  1. Crevice – Healthy Breakfast
  2. Mission Giant – Inhaler Voice (Albuterol Party Version)
  3. Life Partner – Iron Size
  4. Hyperbubble – Sugar Sugar
  5. Goop – Wraparound Shades
  6. Eddy Current – Red Neon Molar
  7. Moonrox – Endless Flight
  8. The Solar Panel – Merlin in Berlin
  9. Gracie DuVin – Bad Blood
  10. Pantheon – Coincidental Wookie
  11. Swiss Army – Siempre Preguntando
  12. Young Blades – Kiwi
  13. Prismatic Otter – Gypsy Death Race
  14. M – Take It Home

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Wreckcollection [Zip]

Mission Giant - Evil TreatsF049

Mission Giant: Evil Treats (2005)

All sorts of children got scared Halloween night of 2005 when Mission Giant decided to set up their gear and make some spooky ruckus for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters. Fortunately, no one got hurt and someone even showed up to record the over two hours of musical mayhem. So average listeners can maintain sanity, a limited dose of only 42 minutes is presented here.

  • Entry
  • Beelzebubble
  • In the Attic
  • In the Spirit
  • You’re Gonna Need More Luminol
  • Funhouse Fun
  • Chaos
  • Roadside Deposit

Available at the official Mission Giant Web site

Moonrox - Outlaw FleetF048

Moonrox: Outlaw Fleet (2005)

The band that never stops loving has taken yet another turn toward what seems like the path to the dark side. The Outlaw Fleet single is in fact a funky take on detective/secret agent theme songs. Moonraker? Hardly. This is the work of MoonROX, a group bent on piloting their craft closer and closer to a black hole.

  1. Outlaw Fleet
  2. You Only Dub Once

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Outlaw Fleet [Zip]

Hyperbubble - Solid Pop the Remix EditionF047

Hyperbubble: Sol!d Pop: The Rem!x Ed!t!on (2005)

Jeff and Jess have blown it this time, that is, blown a really big, cool bubble with multiple chambers that won’t come off your wand no matter hard you try. Alright, it’s more like a terrific remix CD that you’ll have a hard time getting off your player. All twelve tracks from their Sol!d Pop album have been royally reworked, revamped, remade, and remodeled.

  1. Mom Dad Un!t (K!dd!e Coalm!ne M!x)
  2. Pass!ng Phase (Motor C!ty M!dn!ght M!x)
  3. Vend!ng Mach!ne (Funkbot M!x)
  4. Moonbuggy (Lunar Wheel!e M!x)
  5. Psych!c Connect!on (Crystal Ball M!x)
  6. Leon (Superch!ll Catn!p M!x)
  7. Share Your Toys (S!n!ster Playground M!x)
  8. Another R!de (Travolta Turnp!ke M!x)
  9. Pep Rally Blues (Devastat!ng Pom Pom M!x)
  10. Robofreq (Automated M!x)
  11. B!on!c G!rl (Goldman Groover M!x)
  12. Sol!d Pop (Splashdown M!x)
  13. Psych!c Connect!on (Crystal Bass M!x)
  14. Bonus

Available at iTunes

Gracie DuVin - ImpostersF046

Gracie DuVin: Imposters (2005)

All of your favorite, or soon to be favorite, classics from the heyday of 1970’s AM radio pop are covered with the pizzazz that only someone as snazzy as Gracie DuVin could deliver. San Antonio’s Hyperbubble provides the energetic music and Gracie just opens his mouth, and out comes magic!

  1. Gold
  2. Devil Woman
  3. Strawberry Letter 23
  4. Hot Child in the City
  5. Thunder Island
  6. Stiletto
  7. Moonlight Feels Right
  8. Reminiscing
  9. Fantasy
  10. Right down the Line
  11. Sentimental Lady
  12. Could It Be Magic

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Imposters [Zip]

Moonrox - Two WorldsF045

Moonrox: Two Worlds (2004)

Just as space is limitless, so are the possibilities when Moonrox visits our planet for the holiday season. Moonrox has truly captured the essence of what is must be like to be an Earth band. EP contains one vocal pop song per member, and two ambient songs.

  1. Guttersnipe
  2. Lunar Conflict
  3. Sexy Co-Pilot
  4. Sweet Ether

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Two Worlds [Zip]

Mission Giant - MGBGM2F044

Mission Giant: MGBGM2 (2004)

The second installment of Mission Giant Background Music finds the boys making a denser, tighter mix of film samples and spoken word. This time around, the accompanying tableau of sound is constructed using a broader variety of instruments including circuit bent toys and tone generators.

  1. MGBGM2


Mission Giant - Live and on the AirF043

Mission Giant: Live and on the Air (2004)

Two live radio shows in one year, and ears are still ringing from the airborne bliss. Disc one contains Mission Giant’s 09-26-04 performance on the Local Live show on KVRX 91.7, Austin, Texas. Disc two is the Rocket Radio show hosted by DFW’s own Cyberina Flux. Songs include favorites Ass Talk, Amphetamine Kiss, Life, and Dark Love.

Disc One

  1. Call to Arms
  2. Robotsong
  3. Potential for Future Dynamics
  4. Get Fun Alot
  5. Ass Talk
  6. Amphetamine Kiss
  7. Membranes of You
  8. Life
  9. Dark Love
  10. Inhaler Voice
  11. Type A
  12. Music for Stephen Hawking to Whistle To
  13. Interview

Disc Two

  1. Potential for Future Dynamics
  2. Interview
  3. Inhaler Voice
  4. Life

Mission Giant - MGMIDIF042

Mission Giant – MGMIDI (2004)

In the future, all Blue Mountain greeting cards will play Mission Giant songs. Until then, lovers of hokey MIDI versions of electro-art-prog-synth-wave will have to rely on Mission Giant’s MGMIDI to satisfy their needs. Four versions of Potential for Future Dynamics on a 3-inch CD.

  1. Potential for Future Dynamics (Original Midi Mix)
  2. Potential for Future Dynamics (Metallic Bacon Mix)
  3. Potential for Future Dynamics (Illusions Maestromix)
  4. Potential for Future Dynamics (Nagasaki Showdown)

Mission Giant - Pez FaxF041

Mission Giant: Pez Fax (2004)

6 members of Mission Giant have each taken a select track from a chaotic recording session and turned it into gold by way of editing alchemy. The resulting songs are sure to amuse, confuse, and abuse.

  1. Pez Pyre (Remixed by M)
  2. Pez Prayer (Remixed by Jermy Johnson)
  3. Pez Pantasy [XXX] (Remixed by Shane Culp)
  4. Pez Portrait (Remixed by Corbett Sparks)
  5. Pez Pain (Remixed by Aaron Graves)
  6. Pez Pelt (Remixed by Gavin DeCuir)

Moonrox - Music for PlanetariumsF040

Moonrox: Music for Planetariums (2003)

Whether under the dome, over the moon, or just watching the glow-in-the-dark stars on your living room ceiling, the 20 sonic vignettes on Moonrox’s Music for Planetariums provide a perfect soundtrack for stargazing. Best listened to as a whole.

  1. NK3-H47-AYN11
  2. Infinity Ltd.
  3. Quasar
  4. Commander L
  5. Chrome Tunnel
  6. Ice Cap
  7. You’re So Nebulous
  8. Driftstone
  9. Birth of a New Sun
  10. Airlock
  11. Starswarm
  12. Sundogs
  13. Asteroid Encroachment
  14. Blinding Color
  15. The Particle Dance
  16. Machine X
  17. Touchdown in the Restricted Zone
  18. Gas Pocket
  19. System
  20. No More Games

The Solar Panel - The Business of FunkF039

The Solar Panel: The Business of Funk (2004)

Squares can be funky too, especially when synthesizers, highly structured samples of electronic toys, and rhythmic tension are on the agenda. The Solar Panel’s oddball electro-funk may drastically change the way corporate America does business. Casual Friday will never be the same.

  1. Lament
  2. Merlin in Berlin
  3. Tighty Whitey
  4. Shindigger
  5. Stingy Beats
  6. Sand Palace
  7. Who Is It
  8. Serpigo
  9. Flip to the Flop
  10. The Business

Mission Giant - MGBGMF038

Mission Giant: MGBGM (2003)

Snippets from some of Mission Giant’s favorite films, horribly mutilated, then placed on a minimal bed of sound for your listening enjoyment. Initially created to serve as entertainment during breaks in live shows, MGBGM stands up quite well on its own.

  1. MGBGM


Life Partner - S/TF037

Life Partner: S/T (2003)

Custom-built tone-generators, furbies, some thingy played with a stylus, and glitched loops of popular favorites are all combined to create a beautiful mess of music.

  1. Introduction
  2. Boyz ‘n tha Hoo Hoo
  3. Reception
  4. Video Division
  5. Tiger Beats
  6. New Man Alert
  7. Spunktions
  8. Iron Size
  9. Tones for Hot Moves
  10. Tempo Sex
  11. Special J
  12. Von Camelback

Mission Giant - Lights OnF036

Mission Giant: Lights On! (2003)

A teaser, of sorts, for Mission Giant’s upcoming Uncle Buzz release, “Brotherhood of the Plug”. Comes in slimline case. Hand-numbered and limited to 50 copies. Contact Fellowshipwreck Music to place an order.

  1. Call to Arms
  2. Potential for Future Dynamics
  3. A Downed Feather
  4. Double Barrel
  5. I Think You’re Swell
  6. Organism
  7. Prospectus
  8. Waverunner
  9. Key Man
  10. Membranes of You (Gourmet Version)
  11. Scourge
  12. 100% Wet

Mission Giant - Grudge MatchF035

Mission Giant: Grudge Match (2003)

An epic adventure into stupidity as wolf battles eagle for musical supremacy. A loose fantasy theme carries the listener from extreme noise to pastoral bliss.

  1. The Prophecy
  2. Bog Stomp
  3. Overload
  4. Real Dum
  5. Love Machines
  6. On Winged Def
  7. Naked Interface
  8. How Dar You
  9. Space Farm
  10. Pad 39
  11. Lull in the Album
  12. Rocket USA
  13. Olympiad
  14. Wanded
  15. Nightwork
  16. Deep Little Stuffs
  17. Thermonuclear Activity
  18. Membranes of Me
  19. Lullovanumatafa
  20. Dogless
  21. Hockey 5000

Moonrox - NumroxF034

Moonrox: Numrox (2002)

The ultimate tribute to pyramid dweller Gary Numan. A medley including his radio smash ‘Cars’ and so much more. Each version substitutes a different sound effect in place of the infamous whip-cracking sound. Yes, for the last time, the great pyramids were built by Moonrox.

  1. 2002 Original Pleasure Mix
  2. 2012 Your Love is a Liquid Mix
  3. 2022 We Got Claws Mix
  4. 2032 Bi Assassin Mix
  5. 2042 Down in the Barn Mix
  6. 2052 We Were Glass Mix
  7. 2062 December I Was Vapour Mix

Mission Giant - Greater Than or Equal ToF033

Mission Giant: Greater Than or Equal To (2002)

Remixes of Mission Giant classics by Texas bands including Crevice, RF Programme, Sub Oslo, Lysergic Dream, Paisley Babylon, and many more. Includes Mission Giant’s own remix, “Titan 2002”.

Disc One

  1. American Motorik (Cyclik Remix) – RF Programme
  2. Dinner Tempo (Remix) – Hyperbubble
  3. Periwinkle (Remix)- Sub Oslo
  4. Roquefort Fumigator (Scandalnavian Mix) – Per ‘Scandalnavian’ Nillson
  5. Dr. Go and His Zero Degree Machine (Forces Beyond Your Control Create the World You Live In Mix) – James Phipps
  6. Innate Reverence (Innane Reference Mix) – M
  7. Skunk Funk (Constellation Mix) – New Zero
  8. Robotsong – Hamburgro’s Mystery Challenge Hamburger Band
  9. Titan 2002 – Mission Giant

Disc Two

  1. Sgt George Hinkle – Telethön
  2. Munchy Jumble (Remix) – Crevice
  3. Membranes of You (Afterhours Everything Falls Apart Mix) – Lysergic Dream
  4. Psychic Paranoia (Exploding Luau Stop Motion Mix) – Eric Schuessler
  5. Ode to Debbie Drake (Miso Scratch-n-Sniff Mix) – Paisley Babylon
  6. Hush Puppy (Tonsil Meets the Rooster Mix) – Brainscrape
  7. Traffic Town (Boom Boom Mix) – Intesticle
  8. Unused Incidental Music from ‘The Warriors’ (Come out and Play Remix) – DJ Geeky C
  9. Secret Turtle 3003 – Hot Lixxx

Mission Giant - Plan CF032

Mission Giant: Plan C (2002)

Segements culled from a 3 hour live performance at the STATD.nomad.ISH art gallery in Dallas, TX. Odd sounds to be found all around. The live set climaxed when the band caused a power outage.

  1. Stand by for Action
  2. Foodsport
  3. 917 AM Tuesday July 10th
  4. My Travel Buddy
  5. Fun with Fashion
  6. Snowshoe and the Chief
  7. Procedure
  8. We Can’t Help You / Seven Daggers
  9. Gaping Ninja Pectoris
  10. Black and Deckard
  11. The Last Token

Mission Giant - Restaurante GiganteF031

Mission Giant: Restaurante Gigante (2002)

Improvisational madness from a 2002 live show at Rubber Gloves, Denton, TX. Over 50 instruments were strewn over banquet tables as Mission Giant, decked out in chefs outfits, cooked up a messy sonic stew.

  1. Hair in the Butter / Short Order
  2. Clear to Proceed
  3. Black and Deckard
  4. Pachyderm
  5. Music for Stephen Hawking to Whistle To
  6. Visit the Exploratorium
  7. Scared Shitless
  8. Stinky Jive
  9. Urban Wildland Interface

Mission Giant - The Sundry FoundryF030

Mission Giant: The Sundry Foundry (2002)

A mixed-bag of upbeat audio delights. Playful and Irreverent from start to finish. 18 tracks in all including ‘Give Your Change to the Monkey’ and a demo of live favorite ‘Get Fun Alot’.

  1. Fast Kids Sound like Seagulls
  2. Get Fun Alot
  3. Shit Constrictor
  4. The Last Minstrel
  5. Outerbody
  6. Berth of Bionics
  7. Scientific Sideshow
  8. Girl, Sof ‘n’ Slo
  9. Theme from Stat
  10. Not Far from Jakarta
  11. Rodent Showdown
  12. Urge to Irrigate
  13. Recognizer
  14. Table Tennis
  15. I Like the Math Equation in My Mind
  16. Jalopy 2057
  17. The Saltiest Tears
  18. Give Your Change to the Monkey

Mission Giant - Fuzz and WarmyF029

Mission Giant: Fuzz and Warmy (2002)

Cool atmospherics and smooth beats dominate. Features “Weeping Toys”, a moody number Vangelis would be proud of, and the full-length version of Lazer Daze of Summer. Includes festive bonus cut, “X-Mas Giant”.

  1. Darkened Technology
  2. The Facility Institute
  3. My Plans for Tomorrow
  4. Spatial Choreography
  5. Laser Daze of Summer
  6. Pumice
  7. General Influence
  8. Hooded Wallaby
  9. Don’t Say No
  10. Organsim 2
  11. Love of Love (Cupid’s Bare Butt)
  12. Scared Shitless
  13. Womb
  14. Weeping Toys
  15. X-Mas Giant

Moonrox - Disco MagicF028

Moonrox: Disco Magic (2001)

Electronic and Italic. When Moonrox comes to your dance party, you’d better be moving. A pulsating homage to that Italian guy with the huge caterpillar crawling across his upper lip. Features vocals by coked-up Cylon Raiders. 2-song CD single.

  1. Disco Magic
  2. Disco Magic Inst.


Moonrox - MegamixF027

Moonrox: Megamix (2001)

Megamix is, well, just that. It combines the first 3 Moonrox EPs into a Listener’s Digest complete with narrations from a real life alien. This is what seasoned space travelers take with them when they have room in the cabin for only one disc.

  1. 01 Cosmic Challenge
  2. 02 Zero Gravity
  3. 03 We Love You
  4. 04 Interplanetary Migration
  5. 05 Ode to an Integrated Circuit
  6. 06 Holiday in Space
  7. 07 Sea of Tranquility
  8. 08 Flight of the Electron
  9. 09 Crater Invader
  10. 10 Fathom 5000
  11. 11 Escape Hatch Escapade

Mission Giant - IntrudersF026

Mission Giant: Intruders (2001)

Scary sounds from the shadows. Intruders will take you on a journey you may never recover from. Only for the strong.

  1. Blood
  2. Inhaler Dub
  3. Risky Space Trek
  4. Endless Viking Horns
  5. My Special Condition
  6. Bitter Waves
  7. Nightryder
  8. Mood Ring Factory
  9. Gypsy Finger Symbols
  10. Dreamcutter
  11. Intruders
  12. Ace of Graves
  13. Current Techtonic Theory
  14. Beware of Nomads
  15. Leading the Charge
  16. Short Trip via Leer Jet

Pantheon - S/TF025

Pantheon: S/T (2001)

Pantheon is 2 guys from Crevice and 2 guys from Mission Giant … a low-key Uncle Buzz supergroup if you will. Four types of children’s air-powered chord organs were used in the making of this strangely hypnotic batch of songs.

  1. Coincidental Wookiee
  2. Bloated Fern Osmosis
  3. Pleasure Boil
  4. Bavarian Hedge Monkey
  5. Bony Whirl
  6. Three Cubed
  7. Squirrel or Bust
  8. Pantheon Audion Odeon

Swiss Army - Live at Good/BadF024

Swiss Army: Live at Good/Bad (2001)

Mysterious shortwave transmissions and twangy guitar drone float over churning Casio rhythms as multilingual chantuese Local Honey lays down a Swiss rap. Performed at the Good/Bad Art Space in Denton, TX. Relax with the band as their music emerges from a fog of wine and cheese.

  1. Siempre Preguntando
  2. Cremeux au Milieu
  3. Del Martelletto Sulla Forma
  4. Notre Objectif
  5. Schonende

Mission Giant - Electronical DysfunctionF023

Mission Giant: Electronical Dysfunction (2001)

Concept album about a rather nightmarish hospital visit. Contains an early version of “Organism” called “Mediclown”. Also features the cut “Emergency Coronary Waffle Preparation”. Listeners may begin to feel like Jamie Lee Curtis did in Halloween II.

  1. Antimicrobial
  2. Gunshot Wound
  3. Gaping Ninja Pectoris
  4. Morphine Drip
  5. Hospital Food
  6. Membranes of You
  7. Enter the Number
  8. Cell Damage
  9. Mediclown
  10. 100% Wet
  11. Emergency Coronary Waffle Preparation
  12. Terminal Condition

Moonrox - Triple FunF022

Moonrox: Triple Fun (2000)

Named after bikini ogler Robert Palmer’s Double Fun LP, Triple Fun has absolutely nothing to do with that rock shite … well … okay, maybe it’s kind of like ‘Clues’ on a more distant plane. The highlight of this 3-song EP is the space-romp ‘Escape-Hatch Escapade’.

  1. Fathom 5000
  2. Crater Invader
  3. Escape-Hatch Escapade

Young Blades - S/TF021

Young Blades: S/T (2000)

Garage sessions from the band that would be Faux Fox … kind of.

  1. Victoria
  2. Logarithms
  3. Kiwi
  4. Esploded
  5. The Amputar
  6. Point Four
  7. Communikit Lost
  8. Gravity Town
  9. Communikit Found
  10. Bathed in Fire

M - Blue DamageF020

M: Blue Damage (2000)

Performance at The Good/Bad art Space by Mission Giant’s M. A relentless onslaught of live 4-track mixing mayhem. Also contains the “Fallout Mix” by Corbett Sparks, a.k.a. DJ Geeky C. Specially priced EP.

  1. Blue Damage (Live Version)
  2. Blue Damage (Fallout Mix)


Mission Giant - Shelf-ish PleasureF019

Mission Giant: Shelf-ish Pleasure (2000)

First Mission Giant recordings to feature Dooms U.K.’s Corbett Sparks and Fibonnacci Sequence Patrol’s Shane Culp. Has early versions of “Potential for Future Dynamics” and “Stephen Hawking’s Amazing Whistling Machine”.

  1. Potential for Future Dynamics
  2. Rubber Worms
  3. Alone in the Third Stage
  4. Wiffle Me One Time
  5. Dicking with the Future
  6. Innate Reverence
  7. Dirty Cymbals
  8. Juvenile Wall
  9. Wolf Gang
  10. Stand by for Action
  11. The Secrets of Children
  12. Safari Habitrail Happening
  13. Urgent Greeting Card / Burning Infirmary
  14. Bitches, Bitches, Motherfucker
  15. Snake Technique
  16. Noodle Poop
  17. Robotsong
  18. Stalagtite Panties
  19. ”Blip”
  20. Stephen Hawking’s Amazing Whistling Machine

Mission Giant - Exotic EmbryoF018

Mission Giant: Exotic Embryo (2000)

57 tracks in all! Mostly instrumental vignettes of pop possibilities. Think audio haiku.

Disc One

  1. Alphabetix Quotient
  2. Mr. Shiny Shoes
  3. Slugdance
  4. Videoman (His Name Was Francis Byte)
  5. Honeypuffs
  6. Soda Machine Selection
  7. Me and My LCD
  8. Reentry
  9. High-Neck Redtech
  10. Nunice
  11. Double Tuff
  12. Retarded Grocery Cart Boy
  13. Jet Lag
  14. Horse Sense
  15. Ox Blooded
  16. San Diego Zoo
  17. Tiny Tykes
  18. Otto Bonn
  19. Histrionicity
  20. Jimmy the Rhythm
  21. You Want Me to Sing to This?
  22. Elephantisis
  23. Hitchin’ Post
  24. Meet Aunt Jumbotron
  25. (I’m In) The Lymph Node Mode
  26. Medi-Taters
  27. Out of the Package
  28. Tinkle 2

Disc Two

  1. Disco Giant
  2. Gurgleburp
  3. Nonpareil Placement Probe
  4. Village of the Little People
  5. Sgt. George Hinkle
  6. Monkey Go Climb Tree
  7. Infestation
  8. Holiday Help
  9. Rooster Ordinance
  10. Magic Shell … Broken
  11. Periwinkle
  12. The Littlest Constellation
  13. Private Lesson
  14. Licorice Whisp
  15. Who Made You War Chief?
  16. Papa Joe’s
  17. The Force or the Spice?
  18. The Drug Machine
  19. Minutes and Seconds
  20. Lint
  21. Happy Guppy Ripples Run
  22. Infinite Tress
  23. Lafayette, LA
  24. Squiggle’s Big Day
  25. Life Support
  26. Sapo
  27. Stratisfaction
  28. Nude Justice
  29. Exotic Embryo

Moonrox - ModuleF017

Moonrox: Module (1999)

Another holiday and Moonrox has again come to visit. This time Moonrox puts some vocals in the mix and adds a somewhat exotic feel. Somewhere there exists an entire planet covered in black palm trees and black sand beaches. Moonrox has been there. 5-song EP.

  1. Zero Gravity
  2. We Love You
  3. Sea of Tranquility
  4. Ode to an Integrated Circuit
  5. Flight of the Electron

Goop - Synthetic ReasonsF016

Goop: Synthetic Reasons (1999)

Screams of the future, while frolicking in the trash of the New Wave past. Uptempo numbers ‘Wraparound Shades’ and ‘Styrofoam’ are ideal for cruising with the top down and letting wind mingle with styling mousse. Other songs scratch the dark underbelly of the so-called age of greed while still having fun.

  1. Styrofoam
  2. Wraparound Shades
  3. Submarina
  4. Negative Capability
  5. Prom Night O.D.
  6. Love Terminal
  7. Life
  8. Do It
  9. Chemical Diet
  10. Nuclear X-Mas
  11. Space Voyage
  12. Quitting Time
  13. Theme from Goop

New version available at iTunes

Eddy Current & Simon Nooman - Cold Iron WorldF015

Eddy Current & Simon Nooman: Cold Iron World (1999)

Eddy Current’s second effort is a collaboration with Chicago soul-man Simon Nooman. 2 track CD single features “Cold Iron World” b/w “Black Dawn”. Chilling urban contemporary electronic fusion.

  1. Cold Iron World
  2. Black Dawn


Eddy Current - The New SkylineF014

Eddy Current: The New Skyline (1999)

Solo project from Mission Giant’s own Eddy Current. Electronic bleeps and blips come from a variety of cheapo instruments to make short, charming ditties. Future tunes for your new city.

  1. By Rote
  2. Electricity in Bloom
  3. Red Neon Molar
  4. Eddy Current Theme
  5. Building Blocks
  6. Spandex Parade / City Britches
  7. Turnip Townsend
  8. Chopper Five
  9. Redundamental
  10. The New Skyline

Moonrox - Holiday in SpaceF013

Moonrox: Holiday in Space (1998)

First EP from the official feelgood holiday band Moonrox. Ambient sounds float along like asteroids drifiting in a belt until ‘Cosmic Challenge’ winds up a dance tune as seemingly endless as the universe.

  1. Interplanetary Migration
  2. Holiday in Space
  3. Cosmic Challenge


Mission Giant - Almost as Good as Stephen Hawking and His Whistle MachineF012

Mission Giant: “Almost as Good as Stephen Hawking and His Whistle Machine.” – Live at the Wreck Room 11.28.98 (1998)

Early live recording of the boys in Fort Worth, TX. Member Eddy Current wasn’t technically present but participated via a boombox placed on a stool.

  1. Intro
  2. Smoke Bubbles
  3. Tomorrow Chimp
  4. As We See It from Here
  5. Gorebringer
  6. Exotic Embryo
  7. Music for Stephen Hawking to Whistle To
  8. None Sense
  9. Morrison Hotel

Mission Giant - Operation: Go!F011

Mission Giant: Operation: Go! (1998)

A soundtrack for a movie that never existed. Robots, mad scientists and tiny heroes all collide in this heartwarming coming-of-age story about a little girl named Tamiko.

  1. Opening Titles
  2. Salad Days
  3. 35 MM Shrine
  4. Doctor Go and His Zero Degree Machine
  5. Guide Wires
  6. Enter Zero
  7. Tamiko’s Lament
  8. Giant Little Robot (Robo Zero)
  9. Supr 8 Built
  10. Memory Map / Supr 8 Robo
  11. Operation: Go! Theme
  12. Discovercraft Excursion
  13. Panic, the Return
  14. Ok, Lock On!
  15. You Should See My New Mind
  16. Closing Titles

Mission Giant - Munchy JumbleF010

Mission Giant: Munchy Jumble (1997)

Mission Giant’s first ever live performance, played at “The X” in Denton, TX. One looooong track with numerous movements. Very nice.

  1. Munchy Jumble


Mission Giant - An Historical FissionF009

Mission Giant: An Historical Fission (1997)

A haunting collection of low-fidelity gems including the very Kraftwerkian “American Motorik”.  Special guest Casey Haymes (long lost relative of crooner Dick Haymes) plays treated flute on “Solution”.

  1. American Motorik
  2. Bicoastal
  3. Solution
  4. Existential Log Jam Dub
  5. Little Missy’s Tears
  6. Music Left by Ghosts
  7. My Metal Detector

Mission Giant - Airplanes That Do ItF008

Mission Giant: Airplanes That Do It (1997)

Raw cuts from a single evenings worth of aural torture. Last track, the infamous “Dinner Tempo”, features the clanking ‘musique concrete’ sounds of people dining on pasta.

  1. She Saw Me Standing Here
  2. Dognip
  3. Airplanes That Do It
  4. Out to Pasture
  5. Tonic Use
  6. Micah
  7. Space Reich
  8. Dinner Tempo

Mission Giant - Beat the Junk out of MeF007

Mission Giant: Beat the Junk out of Me (1997)

More junk for the bump of the rump. Contains the retrogressive “Skunk Funk”. Also includes the “Abdul Ben Hassan” EP named after the snake salesman in Blade Runner. Q: You ever buy snakes from the Egyptian, Taffy? A: All the Time Pal.

  1. Safetee Patrol
  2. Miss Strategic Alignment
  3. Twinkie Innards
  4. Skunk Funk
  5. The Inner Tube
  6. Let’s Go!
  7. Unused Game Show Theme
  8. Cyclomnes (Movements 1, 2, & 3)
  9. Roquefort Fumigator
  10. Strolling Rainforest Comptroller
  11. Whirlygig
  12. Gigglywhirl
  13. Tinkle
  14. Birth Canal
  15. Playing the Batteries
  16. Abdul Ben-Hassan
  17. Pinching Puppets
  18. Pulling Grandpa’s Beard

Mission Giant - ScrapsF006

Mission Giant: Scraps (1997)

Outtakes-of-the-outtakes (sic) of the “Friends of Sound” sessions. Careful listeners may find an occasional diamond in the rough.

Disc One

  1. From the Git-Go
  2. Electric Brasierre
  3. Alley Banner
  4. Riverboat Casino
  5. Wicked Little Shard
  6. Transparent Obstacle
  7. Lucky Locusts
  8. Sacks on the Wire
  9. The Geriatric Shuffle
  10. Frontierspersons
  11. Quick-Setting Cement
  12. Dairy Slave
  13. Touchy Tender Pong

Disc Two

  1. Five Little Fingers
  2. Sugar Napkins
  3. School Bus
  4. Fast Food Funeral
  5. Fast Food Funeral (Def to Go Mix)
  6. Fever Blister
  7. Houjucald?
  8. Enkatronic (Parts 1 & 2)
  9. Psychic Paranoia
  10. Let’s March
  11. Cloud Shroud
  12. Wailea Down’s

Mission Giant - Tupperware TreasuresF005

Mission Giant: Tupperware Treasures (1997)

A collection of rarities and outtakes from highly fecund “Friends of Sound” sessions. Too good to be threw? Seal it ´n´ save it!

  1. A Shameful Harvest
  2. Insufficient Fun
  3. Milk and Pennies
  4. Popsicle Visions
  5. Traffic Town
  6. Road Trip to Borobudur
  7. The Doctor Is In
  8. Jiggy Bits
  9. Bucktooth Gravy
  10. Red Fez Fuzz
  11. Leprechaum Love
  12. Oxygen Free
  13. Blue Magic Ceremony
  14. Hale-Bopp Space Pop
  15. The Landing
  16. War-Torn Johnny
  17. Homesick

Mission Giant - Friends of Sound (Demo)F004

Mission Giant: Friends of Sound (Demo) (1996)

Demo for the epic droner that became Mission Giant’s first Uncle Buzz release. Some songs are even longer and there’s a few new tunes thrown in too.

Disc One

  1. Rise-n-Shine
  2. Titan
  3. Thunder Quilt
  4. Monotono

Disc Two

  1. Hush Puppy
  2. Sinky Water Lillies
  3. I’m No Genius
  4. Suburban Propane – This Is Analog Country

isison Giant - BootleggyF003

Misison Giant: Bootleggy (1996)

This sprawling lo-fi monster was taped on a boombox, hence the title. A perfect alternate soundtrack for shoddy Hanna-Barberra cartoons.

Disc One

  1. Ode to Debbie Drake
  2. Napalm Pt. 1
  3. Napalm Pt. 2
  4. The 1st Cat
  5. Intestinal Discomfort
  6. Hot Crickets Pt. 1
  7. Hip-Hop Crickets
  8. Hot Crickets Pt. 2

Disc Two

  1. Honkytonk Pete
  2. Buttered Biscuits of Borobudur

Prismatic Otter - In the Lab!F002

Prismatic Otter: In the Lab! (1996)

Garage sessions from Denton’s almost legendary spacerockers. Driving jazz-tinged drumming provides the necessary propulsion for fuzz bass and screaming analog synths. A couple of these Otters went on to form Mission Giant.

  1. Someone’s Work Ethic
  2. Boo Boo Tannenbaum
  3. Mission Giant
  4. Gypsy Death Race
  5. Sugar Napkins
  6. Jasper Poft
  7. Sugar Napkins (Tropical Reprise)
  8. Bumhair
  9. Bumhair 2
  10. Pup Tent
  11. Win-Win Situation
  12. Mission Giant (Live)
  13. Boo Boo Tannenbaum (Live)
  14. Showboat (Spandex Parade) (Live)

Crevice - Think of Pleasant ThingsF001

Crevice: Think of Pleasant Things (1994)

An eerie crooner pleads with you throughout this one-track chill-out piece to “think of pleasant things”. If you listen closely, you can hear warped whale song and kitten mews under the murky depths of tape delay and reverb.

  1. Think of Pleasant Things (Original Full Length Version)